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Brief Description
11 Plc (Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc) is engaged in the marketing of petroleum products. The Company operates more than 200 retail outlets located in all 36 states of Nigeria. MON owns three plants located in Apapa, Lagos State, that manufacture lubes, petroleum jelly and insecticide. Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobile. The Company operates in the integrated oil and gas industry. Mobil Oil Nigeria is engaged in the production and marketing of petrochemicals (gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, marine and jet fuels, etc.), packaging films and other chemical products. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Mobil operates a worldwide oil and gas exploration and producing business, a global marketing and refining complex, a network of pipelines and tankers linking these worldwide oil and gas businesses, a world scale chemical business and a highly sophisticated research and engineering operation. The Company is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Since 24th April 1979.