Address Dangote Sugar Refinery PLC, Modandola House, 42/44 Warehouse APAPA
Mobile P: +2341.2714646
Fax F: +2341.2714466
Website http://www.dangote-group.com/Investorrelations/quo
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Brief Description
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc is a Nigeria-based company, which is engaged in refining raw sugar into edible sugar and sells refined sugar. The Company's products include Vitamin A-fortified sugar and Unfortified industrial sugar. The Company's Vitamin A fortified sugar is a fine white granulated sugar, which is the all-purpose white sugar that is ideal for table use, baking and sweetening of beverages. The Company's unfortified sugar is a specially processed sugar grade used by pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing companies. The Company produces and packages Vitamin A fortified refined white sugar in approximately one kilogram, approximately 500 grams, approximately 250 grams and over 50 kilograms bags for direct consumption under the brand name Dangote Sugar, as well as the unfortified white sugar for industrial use.