Address Conoil PLC Bull Plaza, 38/39 Marina, P. M. LAGOS
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Brief Description
Conoil Plc, formerly National Oil and Chemical Marketing Plc, is a Nigeria-based company engaged in the marketing of refined petroleum products. It is also involved in the manufacture and marketing of lubricants, household and industrial chemicals. The Company’s products portfolio consists of gasoline, diesel and steam engine oils, automotive gear oils, brake and clutch fluids, two-stroke engine oils, industrial lubricants, transformer oils, hydraulic oils, greases, gear oils, compressor oils, marine lubricants, as well as of industrial chemicals, such as hydrocarbon solvents, chemical solvents, aromatics, and plasticizers, polymers, multipurpose liquid detergents, liquid disinfectants and of aviation fuel. Conoil Plc’s products are marketed under the Quatro and Golden Super brands. It operates a network of retail outlets, as well as service stations and aviation fuelling stations located on the territory of Nigeria